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Please consider contributing to the MENMED Fund for activities aimed at achieving the stated objectives.

Each donor will be informed of the specific purpose for which their contribution was used.

Account number : 41 89 94 80 03 / 5500


Payment to the above account is possible in CZK, EUR and USD

The donor can apply the value of the donation as a so-called deductible item reducing the tax base according to Act No. 586/1992 Coll., on Income Taxes. For individuals, a gift is a deductible item from the tax base if its value is at least CZK 1,000 (or exceeds 2% of the tax base). For legal entities, the value of an individual gift must be at least CZK 2,000. In order to obtain tax relief, we will issue you with a confirmation of the amount of the donation and send you a donation agreement, please contact the NF accountant :

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